Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blog Readability Churvah

Tag from LIZZ

*** Start Copy Here *****
1. Take the Readability Test for your blog(s) here.2. Paste the result on your site.3. Copy and paste this tag on your blog (make sure to include the links).4. Add your link to this tag.5. Tag as many friends / readers / victims as you want!

blog readability test

TV ReviewsRead My Mind, Joan Joyce, Life in Korea, Apt1014, Elliot, Pinay Mommy, Mommy's little Corner, Lizzz, Chellie (your turn)

Ano ba yan! gusto ko pa naman pang infant level ang blog reading level ko ummmh!!! kainis

Now im tagging all my blogger friends GO! GO ! GO!


shzainzy said...

hi there! nice posts you got here.. care to xlinks?
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> Vanny said...

waaaah. ako elementary level. haha

@chellie@ said...

@Vanny hahaha mas ok nga yun ako nga gusto ko infant level hehehe

@shzainzy add u na po,thanks din

pogingpayatot said...

hahaha infant level. meron kayang "walang ka-level" ? astig yun di ba.

nisubukan kong ilagay blog addy ko, genius level. hindi ako papayag! lol

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