Sunday, February 24, 2008

Going Meatless this lenten season

Chowking launches newest fish dish - Now it doesn't take more than a prayer or two to enjoy a meatless dining experience.
As the lenten season ushers in a momentary break from the usual meat staples, Chowking introduces another premium fish dish: the fish and chinese tofu in tausi sauce.
marinated fish slices are fried to inner tenderness but with a moderate outside crisp and stir-fried with other delightful ingredients: freshly cut bell pepper,white onions, black beans, and healthy stir-fried chinese tofu. All these are thrown in a merry mix of a tangy sauce and paired with steaming hot rice.
The new fish dsh also offers a healthy yet delicious option for Chowking customers- from breakfast till nighttime, from solo(single serving) to salo-salo(serves four).
While contemplating during this holy season, remember that meatless pursuits still simmer with plenty of healthy and affordable choices at Chowking.Salo salo Fish and Chinese Tofu

Late Gifts

Helleer!!!! Sensya na 48 years bago nasundan yung last post ko dami nangyari eh 1.)nagloloko connection ng smartbro dito sa area kaya nakakatamad mag internet 2.) nag kasakit si hubby kasi naulanan kami nung concert kaya nagka trangkaso 3.)postpone date namin nung Vday kasi nga may sakit (huh huh) 4.) Convention ni Hubby sa Bangkok (iwan ako). Ngayon kararating nya lang at mega bawi sa aking nagdaang kalungkutan ito...Tambakan ba naman ako ng paborito kong chocolate take note me lang ang uubos nyan dahil kami lang naman dalawa dito sa house kamusta naman ang bonggang bongga kong diet sayang ang xenical at hiphop abs sa sangkatirbang chocolate 4boxes 30pcs each box san ka pa diabetes layuan mo ako.
sabi ko pa naman mag eemote ako pagdating kasi sobrang nakakapraning magisa no. Magagalit pa ba ko kung ito sasalubong sakin syempre hindi na kiber sa kalungkutan ha ha ha infairness gusto ko yung scent ng perfume feeling ko girl na girl ako. he he he! Atleast nakahabol ang gifts sa Vday kesa wala.thanks babe luv yah!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Freestyle

Salo-Salong Saya sa Pagsalubong ng Chinese New Year sponsored by CHOWKING Masarap, Daming Choices, Affordable And a Grand launching of chowkings newest products the Merienda sets, Lunch Sets and the New Fish Tofu with Grand Fireworks and a free mini Concert featuring 4 local bands here in Bacolod, Ferdie of Laffline/PunchLine and The Freestyle. For more info about chowkings newest products and updates click here.

Jinky singing So Slow and Joshua Singing Half Crazy

My FriendlyFriends. Jinky my idol her hubby tats and Papa Joshua delicious uummh! I love Freestyle mwaah!mwaah!.Lets take it slow so slow, Before i let you go i want to say I love you...

With Special Participation of Senator Migz Zubiri.

Super Enjoy to the max kami kahit mejo umulan nakisama at huminto nung freestyle na. Galing ni Jinky mag Beyonce. After ng Concert may 10mins Grand Fireworks din. Hopefully next year maulit ito. for more pictures click here

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Coffee Prince Addict

I LOVE "YOO" as in Gong Yoo or Yu , as in to the highest level ng kapraningan nakalimutan ko na tuloy si Jerry Yan(meteor garden) and Rain (Fullhouse) pati asawa ko nakalimutan ko na (ha ha ha) super hooked na talaga ko sa coffee prince akalain mong ulitin ko sya ng 3x asus san ka pa? OA talaga pero inulit ko talaga sya nakakabitin kasi sa GMA eh lalo na pag kilig moments na kaya tinutuloy ko sa dvd. Episode 10 na sya sa GMA medyo mabilis nga eh. Kung gusto nyo mapanood na yung ibang episode and interviews, photoshot just click here im sure kikiligin din kayo. hanggang sa muli paalam

Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Prayers

My everyday prayers is to have a healthy baby... this past few days im kinda emotional and thinking about having a baby. Even in my dreams im holding a baby, im buying things for the baby i even saw my hubby with a baby on his lap. Last night i could't sleep coz im all alone because hubby is in manila for their yearly convention so i decided to browse some baby pictures on photobucket in the middle of the night and this is what i found. Then that night i had a wonderful dream a cute little baby laying cradled in my arms, my eyes glistened with tears when i cautiously unwrapped the fragile bundle and counted her delicate fingers and tiny toes and touch her precious face. I thought my heart might burst. I saw my husband sleeping beside me with a smile on his face, then suddenly the nurse came and she carefully place my baby on her pink crib then i lay down beside my hubby embracing him tight until i woke up i said to my self i wish it was true. One reason why i quit my job is to have a baby and its been a year since then. Why? oh why!?. I hope this year she/he will come. double time na ito!!! this is it we got to do something choices are a.) go to the oby for weekly checkup/ultrasound. b.) find a manghihilot (nagtataas ng matris) c.) loose weight d.) go to ubando bulacan for the ritual dancing with anito on the side e.) all of the above. What do you think hah! I think all of the above. Haaay!! dear lord please answer my prayers please please please! and please lord wag lang po sana maging ganito baby ko nnnggeeekkk!!! chubby po ako pero di ko kalahi si shrek

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Template

Need Help!!!!!! Im having problem with my new template. I was doing my html editing when my sister buzz me then i told her that ive already change my blog template and header.I send my blog links to her via YM then i told her to give me feedbacks. She said that my new template and header is cute but one column only. i told her that the template should be 3 columns not one. waaahhh what happened??? In my Laptop my blog is 3 columns. I go to the nearest Computer Shop to check my blog, 1st comp shop one column only 2nd comp shop 3 columns. (nangaasar ba ito) please! please! could someone help me with this? is it normal?(ano yun abnormal?) Possible bang ganon sa ibang Screen? depends ba yun sa screen Settings? please need an answer or else?????(joke joke joke) thanks a lot

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