Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Template

Need Help!!!!!! Im having problem with my new template. I was doing my html editing when my sister buzz me then i told her that ive already change my blog template and header.I send my blog links to her via YM then i told her to give me feedbacks. She said that my new template and header is cute but one column only. i told her that the template should be 3 columns not one. waaahhh what happened??? In my Laptop my blog is 3 columns. I go to the nearest Computer Shop to check my blog, 1st comp shop one column only 2nd comp shop 3 columns. (nangaasar ba ito) please! please! could someone help me with this? is it normal?(ano yun abnormal?) Possible bang ganon sa ibang Screen? depends ba yun sa screen Settings? please need an answer or else?????(joke joke joke) thanks a lot


ruthie said...

I can only see one column line....

Bakit ganun1?!?!?

@Michellie@ said...

talaga bakit kaya ganun! kainis naman oh, malamang mag bago nanaman ako ng template. he he he

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