Thursday, January 31, 2008

What's inside your bag?

Grabbed this tag from hannah (my stripesocks) thanks
like hannah i really like this tag too, dito lalabas ang kakikayan ng isang girlolo. ok lets see what's inside my bag.

1. i have my esprit leather wallet,gift from hubby 5 years ago
2. clorets sugarfree chewing gum
3. duplicate car key incase of emergency, house keys
4. digicam - always ready for picture taking
5. tickler with pen courtesy of coca cola
6. my cellphone
7. Pampalhandi consist of a.) my 2 favorite shade of lipstick watershine 3d essence bewitch pink and watershine pure mango punch fr. maybeline b.) my 2 fave shade of blush on ,cream blush whizz n wham from in 2 it. c.) 2 waterproof eyeliner black n brown. d.) Top gel cream for face and face powder. e.) my hair brush f.) and my cologne Victoria secret Pure Seduction

that's it, you see how many pampalhandi i have and it comes with 2 diff choices pag sawa na sa isa yung isa naman. he he


maLen said...

definitely kikay heheheh...walang sinabi ang bag ko...hahahah

ruthie said...

Ikaw si Kikay! Sayaw Kikay!

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