Sunday, January 13, 2008

Korean Movies

Tamang Korean Movie invasion ako ngayon walang magawa sa house, Last december my sister gave me a 16 in 1 korean lovestory dvd this include "Windstruck" and My Sassy Girl, tagal nya na kong kinukulit panoorin yan. kaya lang that time may work pa ko kaya la ko sa mood manood. Last week ko lang napanood yung Windstruck and Sassy Girl. Gosh super cry to the max talaga ko sa Windstuck as in. Well, that is if you like romance and do not mind crying. WINDSTRUCK (release date june 2004) - Kyungin(lead actress) is a kick-ass female cop while Myungwoo(lead Actor) is a teacher, which result in them to falling in love, Kyungjin rescues Myungwoo twice, but Myungwoo has this habit of medding when he knowa kyungjin is chasing after criminals .Its so sad that myungwoo dies at the end then kyungjin misses him a lot and starts to commit suicide, she even tries to jump off the big building and try to use a gun to kill herself.

One of the best movie ive watched (like The Notebook and If only) story is great and will touch your heart.

My sister keep on saying that this is a sequel of Sassy Girl, aside from the similar characteristics of the lead actress, roles and the same leading actress, i told her that this is not the seqeul of my Sassy Girl, both movies have same director yet he choose to put the leading man from my sassy girl in windstruck just to pay respect to the earlier film which is highly popular(My sassy Girl) there are lots of obvious discrepancies and some are not even related to both. for more info try to wiki it
Try to watch this Movies and Iam sure you will surely like it.
MY SASSY GIRL(release date July 2001) - Kyun Woo(lead Star) a kind hearted but at times naive, a college student who seems to keep getting into to trouble.On his way home one night he encounters a beautiful but completely smashes young woman who causes a scene in the subway, calls him 'honey, and then passes out. With the eyes of the other subway passengers upon him, he has no choice but to take responsibility for her. Thus begins his relationship with the at-times charming, at- times violent girl who steals his heart. A very special romantic comedy.


angelofthewaters said...

Hi! Alam mo ba when I saw My Sassy Girl, na hook talaga ako sa pag play niya ng Canon. Kaya ang lola, nag request sa Papable ng Casio Keyboard two years ago...

Kaya ayun, hanggang happy birthday pa rin ang alam kong tugtugin. I play more with computer keyboard kasi eh...hehehe...

@Michellie@ said...

he he, cute ng girl kaka inlove..di ko marunong mag keyboard tigas na daliri ko..guitar lang. ka band ko dati si lizz nung highschooldates.

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