Saturday, March 22, 2008


I bought this game last month and i finished it already. i want to play the first and second DMC but i cant find it here in Bacolod huh! huh!. This game was the first Devil may cry game that i had ever played . SInce it was the first DMC that i had played, I had no idea of what to expect. I just want to finish the game. I check online for PS2 games that has good reviews and high ranks and DMC is one of them, and i truly enjoyed it.

I love the character of Dante the Half demon, cool, rocker twin brother of Vergil who is the main villain in this game. Out of all the games that I have played, this is one of the most action-packed ones out there. With Dante you can equip him with different styles. Good thing about this special edition DMC3 you can play vergil as a playable character the bad thing is no new storyline line for vergil meaning that he must play through dante's side of it.
Because of the good story and gameplay, i must say that i will surely play it again and again to unlock many things like customes, difficulty mode etc etc. GOd of war is still my fave game. and i cant wait to have my own GOD 3 soon.

NOW PLAYING... Resident Evil Code VERONICA

Nature Tripping

Last Holy Thursday we went to Mambukal Resort me, hubby and SM bacolod team for their summer outing. Mambukal Resort is 30 to 45 minutes from Bacolod city. Along the way you can see the wonders of Mt. Kanlaon NAture Park. Mambukal is one of the Best resort here in Bacolod you can do whatever trip you want they have many facilities to offer like their Function hall, Swimming Pools, therapeutic warm dipping pool, Picnic Huts, Bat watching, Boating , wall climbing, Slide for life, Canopy walk, Camping Ground, Overnight Cottages, Hotel Rooms and Food Court. here are some shots from Mambukal, picture taking with hubby.

Waahh halatang di marunong humawak ng paddle ha ha

the new BENCH endorser (etchos)

Cant Imagine i can go that far...sakit ng tuhod ko sa pag akyat

Friday, March 7, 2008

FHM model "daw"

How I Wish ganito kaganda BooDDyyy ko nho!!! Kaya lang hanggang wish mo na ko sa ngayon malay natin ating alamin, why not coconut dumating ang araw na magkaron ng magazine for chubby ha!ha!ha! yaaakkkss pano kaya mag papantasya mga kalalakihan nun??? ummmh! never mind. Si hubby pa naman sangkatutak ang FHM magazine from 2004 up to know complete ang collection nya minsan nga pinagtatangkaan ko ng sunogin kasi puro sexy na lang naka hambalang dun baka manganib ang kaligayahan ko at maghanap ng Sexy. Pero sabi nya sexy naman daw ako sa ibang paraan (anong paraan kaya yun???) Kaya nung nakita ko tong site na ETO go at crop na agad wala ng patumpik-tumpik pa. kahit man lang pekeng katawan eh nailagay ko Face ko sa FHM davah!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Coffee Prince MV: Too Little, Too Late

Waaahhhh!!! malapit na matapos Coffee Prince super mammimiss ko talaga to promise(parang teenager) good thing i have a dvd copy so anytime pwede kong ulit ulitin..Gong Yoo i will miss you..See u after 2 years Goodluck sa Military Career mo(feeling Close??)mwaaahhh!!!

Journey with Arnel Pineda Live in Chile 2008

Proud to be pinoy Again. Here's Arnel first Concert with the Journey at Chile singing Open Arms...What a Fantastic voice...mapapanganga ka talaga!!! standing ovation ang PINOY! Panalo

Proud to be Pinoy

Charisse Pempengco with Cho Gyuhyun of Super Junior.

Charissw was invited to perform at Star King, the producer of the show saw her video on You Tube. Star King is not a singing contest, it is a Regular show in Seoul Korea. They invite talented people to perform in their show. I love their duet here galing nila pareho..cute pa ni Gyuhyun he he..GO PINOY

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