Saturday, March 22, 2008

Nature Tripping

Last Holy Thursday we went to Mambukal Resort me, hubby and SM bacolod team for their summer outing. Mambukal Resort is 30 to 45 minutes from Bacolod city. Along the way you can see the wonders of Mt. Kanlaon NAture Park. Mambukal is one of the Best resort here in Bacolod you can do whatever trip you want they have many facilities to offer like their Function hall, Swimming Pools, therapeutic warm dipping pool, Picnic Huts, Bat watching, Boating , wall climbing, Slide for life, Canopy walk, Camping Ground, Overnight Cottages, Hotel Rooms and Food Court. here are some shots from Mambukal, picture taking with hubby.

Waahh halatang di marunong humawak ng paddle ha ha

the new BENCH endorser (etchos)

Cant Imagine i can go that far...sakit ng tuhod ko sa pag akyat


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