Sunday, January 27, 2008

Favorite Games

My Ultimate favorite Game is God of War (sony Ps2 games) and this coming march the third part of the game will be release but sad to say it is a Ps3 format and i dont have a Ps3 player yet. Because its too expensive both player and the game coz it will be a bluray format game. Hubby is planning to buy a Ninteno Wii insteads of Playstation 3 (waaahhh!!! how about my God of war III) God of war is not for kids it is a game made for matured people(matured ba ko???), for those 18 and above, coz it is bloody, though not explicit.The Dark world of greek mythology comes to life right before your eyes. God of War I tells the story of a spartan named kratos his mission is to defeat Ares to become the new god of war. He offer his soul to Ares by defeating his enemies but find him self killing his own family. To kill Ares he needs to find the Pandora's box lock in the mountain at the back of Cronos(the mighty titan,father of zeus). In the God of war II kratos returns to mortality by vengeful,jealous Zeus(kratos Father) and is driven by Gaia ( one of the ancient titans) kratos mission is to find the sister's of fate to change his destiny.

What I like about this game aside from mythological action scene, stunts and combos are the puzzle(lots of puzzle) some puzzles are purely mental.After spending 15 minutes figuring a way though puzzle room, you might be ready for a battle against a cyclops or a creatures then prepare for another puzzle again. And iam so so glad that i finished both games without using any cheats or codes, i finished playing god of war 2 for 3 days with a normal mode huh!! i cant wait to see and play the GOW 3.

Cake Mania(PC games) is also one of may fave this past few days, it is a game made for all ages.The goal is to manage time and resources under pressure. here you play the role of Jill, a new graduate from culinary school, who returns to home and find out that the bakery of her grandparents is closed due to a new Mega mart(New Store). Jill decides to open her own old fashioned bakery to earn money and to re open hergrandparents bakery. The game is easy to learn you will hand them the menu click the oven to bake the proper shape of the cake then put some frost or extra cake decor. along the way you'll buy new appliances for your kitchen and even new sneakers for your speed. You can also buy Television to help keep the customer happy while waiting in line. The Happier your customer, the more money and tip you'll make. Like running your own bussiness

iam a kid at heart, and i do enjoy playing games like this, but of course not every game will appel to everyone.try this one and you will surely enjoy it (like dinner dash)


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