Sunday, February 24, 2008

Going Meatless this lenten season

Chowking launches newest fish dish - Now it doesn't take more than a prayer or two to enjoy a meatless dining experience.
As the lenten season ushers in a momentary break from the usual meat staples, Chowking introduces another premium fish dish: the fish and chinese tofu in tausi sauce.
marinated fish slices are fried to inner tenderness but with a moderate outside crisp and stir-fried with other delightful ingredients: freshly cut bell pepper,white onions, black beans, and healthy stir-fried chinese tofu. All these are thrown in a merry mix of a tangy sauce and paired with steaming hot rice.
The new fish dsh also offers a healthy yet delicious option for Chowking customers- from breakfast till nighttime, from solo(single serving) to salo-salo(serves four).
While contemplating during this holy season, remember that meatless pursuits still simmer with plenty of healthy and affordable choices at Chowking.Salo salo Fish and Chinese Tofu


Liza said...

Kakagutom naman ito. Kami rin meatless ;)

Happy tuesday! ;)

ethel said...

You've inspired me to cook fish tonight! Thanks for sharing the pic. It looks yummy!! :D

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