Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Prayers

My everyday prayers is to have a healthy baby... this past few days im kinda emotional and thinking about having a baby. Even in my dreams im holding a baby, im buying things for the baby i even saw my hubby with a baby on his lap. Last night i could't sleep coz im all alone because hubby is in manila for their yearly convention so i decided to browse some baby pictures on photobucket in the middle of the night and this is what i found. Then that night i had a wonderful dream a cute little baby laying cradled in my arms, my eyes glistened with tears when i cautiously unwrapped the fragile bundle and counted her delicate fingers and tiny toes and touch her precious face. I thought my heart might burst. I saw my husband sleeping beside me with a smile on his face, then suddenly the nurse came and she carefully place my baby on her pink crib then i lay down beside my hubby embracing him tight until i woke up i said to my self i wish it was true. One reason why i quit my job is to have a baby and its been a year since then. Why? oh why!?. I hope this year she/he will come. double time na ito!!! this is it we got to do something choices are a.) go to the oby for weekly checkup/ultrasound. b.) find a manghihilot (nagtataas ng matris) c.) loose weight d.) go to ubando bulacan for the ritual dancing with anito on the side e.) all of the above. What do you think hah! I think all of the above. Haaay!! dear lord please answer my prayers please please please! and please lord wag lang po sana maging ganito baby ko nnnggeeekkk!!! chubby po ako pero di ko kalahi si shrek


ruthie said...

Don't worry too much. Baka maka add lang sa stress mo yan...Lagi mo lang ipag pray na gusto mo talagang magka baby. God will answer you prayer. Tsaka constant checkup sa OB din.

Buti ka nga me asawa ka na, ako wala pa. Pero gusto ko na ring magkababy...

Take care!

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