Monday, December 17, 2007


Last night hubby makes lambing to me to buy a pizza at 10 o clock in the evening, good thing Mama Mia’s Pizza house delivers till 12 midnight. So we buy a Family Size Mama Maria’s Pizza for the two of us WHaattt??? A family size for the two us “kamusta naman Yun”. Anyway Masarap naman and Affordable. Mama Mia’s Pizza is the largest Pizza house here in Bacolod City, the largest pizza in their menu is 30 inches WOW!!! Soon to open Stores at Makati and QC area.

Mama maria’s family size, our fave flavor yummy!!!!

Take a look at my hubby’s face ha!ha! What a facial expression, feel na feel

Pa demure pa ang lola!!!

Can't wait to have another piece, Yummmy


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