Friday, November 30, 2007

Falling Inlove

After almost three years of marriage, I feel head over heels inlove. God gave our marriage a high voltage charge and it has been ever stronger than before.
How wonderful to fall in love and feel the joy of knowing that this individual is the one God has chosen as your life partner. Your heart beats quicker when you see him. You cherish the times when you are together, the times you laugh, pray, and plan together.
We began our marriage with two great advantages, first we both have a great sense of humor, and second we started as good friends.
As our 3rd anniversary approached, we were together and content. We didn’t have devastating fights, we didn’t have bitter secrets, and we reevaluated our relationship. What kind of marriage did we want? One like we observed with couples close to us that often deteriorated into a time of accusations, surface communication, abuse or neglect? No. Our goal had always been to have a Christ centered marriage, to be partners, not separate individuals. We didn’t want just a good marriage we wanted a great one! One that would last.
That didn’t mean we didn’t expect occasional disagreements or conflicts, hurts or miscommunication and we knew that to have a great marriage meant work.
We saw where we had grown lazy and taken each other for granted, yet we also saw how well our partnership worked, How much we truly enjoyed spending time together and had, in the past, been open in talking about our dreams, fears and joys. After that the hardest thing we did, but the one that launched us forward, was to release any past hurts and disappointments.
As a result, our discussions became deeper and our intimacy more beautiful, we had an intense desire to be together as friends, lovers and partners. The closer we became, the more we worked at rejuvenating romance in our marriage, the closeness we shared in our talks led us to fall deeper inlove.
We have continued to rejoice in one another. It’s not to say we never have disagreements or disappointments in something we’ve done or said, but there is a constant sense of realizing that god loves us so much that he brought us to one another.
After 9 years of knowing everything about one another, I would say that “yes we made the right decision to marry then, now and forever. God searched the world until he found the perfect mate for me. The perfect friend and perfect partner and he found Igo.
I fell in love with my eyes completely open and the falling beautifully continues…


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